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Welcome to the DMEC Supplies Ordering System!


Please order Supplies and Media items SEPARATELY! You can go from one to the other here and the system will still track your orders, however, the total cost will be wrong if you order Media Items along with supply Items at the same time. Any comments and suggestions please feel free to email the Supplies and Media Center at This system is in place for you, the districts of DMEC.

This first section is a keyword search input that searches the entire supply database for the items that contain the search words. You may enter complete words or parts of words, as many words as you want. If the "any/all" chooser is set to "all", then all words entered must be matched to see returns. If "any" is chosen, then the results will be returned with any of the words. Keep in mind that the more you put in the search box, the narrower your search will be. For example, if you enter "pencils". Entering "pencils" may not return items entered with the word "pencil" because there is an "s" on the end of your search term. However, "pen" will return pen, pencil, pencils, sharpener, etc.

Revised keyword search function. The keyword search function is now more friendly since we added keywords to items. Relative items may also return with certain keywords. We hope this makes it better!

If Search is clicked without any words entered in the search box, all available items will be displayed.

Use the Clear button in this section to clear the search terms to do a new search.

Enter your search words
Show records containing of the search words.

In this section, you can select exactly what you want using any of the criteria in the pull-downs. The more items you select, the more narrow your returns will be.
For colors, sizes, types and etc, not all items are available in all colors or sizes. These are simply search terms that are used in the database. For example, if you select the color "Blue" you will get items from Colored Paper, Construction Paper, Stamp Pads, Folders, Markers, and etc. If you select "Green Brilliant Lime" you will only get "Brilliant Lime Green Construction Paper" because the only items in stock in that color are construction paper. Laminated items are under SubType "Laminated".

Use the Clear button in this section to clear the search selections to do a new search.
The less specific your selections, the more items will be displayed.
If Search is clicked without any selections made, all available items will be displayed.

Use the Clear button in this section to clear the selections to do a new search.

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By: Doug Simpson