DMEC Supplies Ordering System


Welcome to the Supplies Ordering System at DMEC.


Fill in the appropriate orders from as many categories as you want. The system will track all your order information. Please order Supplies and Media items SEPARATELY! You can go from one to the other here and the system will still track your orders, however, the total cost will be wrong if you order Media Items along with Supply Items. If you would like these categorized differently, please feel free to email the Media Center at We will try to accomodate your wishes. This system is in place for you, the districts of DMEC.

Due to a program limitation, the shopping cart will only allow you to order 20 line items at a time, per order. "25 packages of Blue 9x12 Construction Paper" is considered *one* line item. For example: 41 line items would require 3 diffe rent orders. 20+20+1.
We will pursue a fix for this flaw.

Please choose from the following categories to order your supplies.

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Copy Paper
Colored Copy Paper
Astrobrite Paper & Astrobrite Cardstock
Bristol Board Paper - Cardstock
Construction Paper
Art Rolls
Computer Paper
Sentence Strips
Miscellaneous A
This section includes all of the following items:
Tagboard, Drawing Paper, Newsprint, Chart Tablets, Trifold Display, Alphabet Chart, Journals, Legal Pads, Post-It Notes, Transparencies, Bulletin Board Envelopes, Clasp Envelopes, Posterboard, Library Pockets, Library Cards, File Folders, DuoTangs, Expanding File Pocket Folders, Hanging File Folders, White Board Erasers and Cleaner, Index Cards, Buttons, Clocks, Overhead Projector Bulbs, Liquid Paper and Liquid Paper Pens and Post-it Correction Tape.
Laminating Film
Miscellaneous B
This section includes all of the following items:
Highlighter Tape, Bordette, Permanent Markers, Mr. Sketch Water Based Markers, Magic Markers, Vis-A-Vis Pens, Sharpies, Flip Chart Markers, and Dry Erase Markers.
Miscellaneous C
This section includes all of the following items:
Adding Machine Tape, Scotch Transparent Tape, Scotch Magic Tape, Tape Dispensers, Masking Tape, Plasti-Tac, Paper Clips, Thumbtacks, Rubber Bands, Staplers and Pullers, Rulers, Yardsticks, Chalk, Chalkboard Erasers, Notebooks, Loose Leaf Rings, Brass Fasteners, Plastic Binding Ribs, Stamp Pads, Pencils, Pink Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners and Parts, Blank VHS Videocassettes and Diskette Storage Boxes.
Art Supplies
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