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Enter text in any field to restrict the search to only those records which CONTAIN your text in that field. Do not press return at the end of the word you use to search. You may use TAB or Click with your mouse to select fields. You do not have to enter information in every section, or field. The more fields you use, the more specific your search will be. The only exception is the Catalog# field. If you enter a complete catalog number, you will only get that specific item in the results.
Enter in as many or as few fields as you wish. Then scroll down the page for the SEARCH button.
The CLEAR button is used to empty the fields if there is anything left in them from a previous search.
Please do not click SEARCH unless you have entered something in at least one field or space.
Doing this will return EVERY ITEM in the database, and is a severe load on the system.

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Enter the catalog number to retrieve just a single item. Only enter one number at a time and do not press RETURN.
Do not enter the A or any other letters at the end of the catalog number!
Example: 10000
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Enter a word to search for in the preferred field or fields. You may use and and or to search on multiple words. Spelling MUST be EXACT for a specific TITLE or, see the instructions below for partial word searches. Examples: Entering ball and bat in any of these fields would return those items having BOTH *ball* and *bat* in the field, where ball or bat would return everything with EITHER or BOTH words. Keep in mind that if you use a complete word, you may miss some items. For example, if you enter the word: marry you will only get the items with "marry" in them. If you enter marr you will get any words with "marr" in them, like "marry", "marriage", "married", etc. Another example: Enter healthy and you will not get any items with the word "health" in them. If you enter "healt" that will return words like "health", "healthy", "healthful", "unhealthy", "unhealthful", etc.

Use this pick list if you want to be specific about the GRADE LEVEL.
Use this pick list to specify the media type you want. Leave blank if you don't want to specify the media type.
Media Type
Use this pick list if you want to be specific about the TOPIC.
Use these fields if you know the Subject or Subtopic. Use similar methods listed above for partial word searches, and use the search button above.