DMEC Ellison Cutter Database

Enter text in any field to restrict the search to only those records which CONTAIN your text in that field. Do not press return at the end of the word you use to search. You may use TAB or Click with your mouse to select fields. You do not have to enter information in every section, or field. The more fields you use, the more specific your search will be. The only exception is the Category field. It is a Pick-List field.
Enter in as many or as few fields as you wish. Then scroll down the page for the SEARCH button.
The CLEAR button is used to empty the fields if there is anything left in them from a previous search.
Please do not click SEARCH unless you have entered something in at least one field or space.
Doing this will return EVERY ITEM in the database, and is a severe load on the system.

To see a list of New Items, check the box below and click SEARCH.
New Items